The Westonka Speech Booster Club (WSBC) supports the Westonka Speech Team financially, materially, and voluntarily. Through booster fees, sponsorships and other donations, the club helps offset costs not covered by the school’s activities, and helps in many other ways to support the growth and education of the team.

New for the 2019-2020 Season …

Knowing that the speech activity fees were going to increase this year, it was our intention to reduce the individual student booster fee from last year’s $75 down to $50 this year … and then try some new ways to add additional funds.

The activity fees, paid to the school through the district’s “fee pay” site, primarily pay for transportation costs, tournament registrations, coaches’ and judges’ salaries, and general program materials.

As Boosters, we use the booster fees and other funds raised to supplement the team with:

  • 3 Additional coaches — about 45% of our budget
  • Additional activity support — such as NSDA (and other national speech org) team and individual registration fees, workshop expenses, etc.
  • Providing the URL registration and hosting for this website
  • Team meals & recognition
  • Coordinating Judges’ Lounge & Concessions during our hosted tournaments

Booster fees will cover about one-third of our budget, and so will proceeds from tournament concessions. To cover the final third, we are trying 2 new fundraising activities this year — an omelet breakfast, hosted by the American Legion in Mound, and partnering with Impact Fundraising to sell coupon sheets, featuring local and metro-area businesses.

This combination and timing makes for a pretty intense 3 week period at the start of November … and one that overlaps a number of other pretty intense activities, including the run up to the fall musical … but we will do the best we can, and look to have this all done before Thanksgiving, so we can concentrate on the normal program schedule after that.

For more information, contact us here:

Current Board Members:

  • Matt Worden, President
  • Natalya Davydova, Treasurer
  • Molly Erdahl, Secretary
  • Laura Jable

Meeting Minutes: