How to Register/Pay

StepDue DateLinkAmount Due
Register through Activities Form11/1$0
Pay Activities Fee through Community Ed Form11/1$175
These two steps do not need to be completed at the same time. Both should be completed by the due date shown.

Should a family need financial assistance, have a parent email or call Lynne Peterson in the MWHS Activities Department to set up alternative payment arrangements confidentially.


In a normal year, in order to be registered, all students must pay two separate fees. However, for 2021, we have waived the Booster Fee. Families will only pay the Activities Fee for 2021. Here is a description of what each fee normally covers:

  • Activities Fee – This helps cover:
    • Local tournament entry fees (see Other Costs below for entry fees not covered)
    • Team workshops
    • All material costs (printing, scripts, visual aids, etc)
    • Memberships (NSDA, 4n6Fanatics, etc)
    • Judge wages
    • Partial coverage of transportation costs when we compete in-person (the District covers roughly half of our transportation in a typical year with in-person tournaments)
    • Technology costs for competing in online tournaments
  • Booster Fee – This helps cover:
    • The cost of hosting tournaments (food for judges & concessions)
    • Assistance for hosting the end of year banquet
    • Additional coaching contracts, above and beyond what the school provides.

Other Costs

Aside from fees, here are additional costs which your student(s) may have as part of the speech team:

  • Professional Attire – Please see Tournament Expectations for details on appropriate attire for tournaments. Depending on what outfit(s) you may already have for your student (and if they still fit), the cost varies for this. Just be aware that students must attend our practice tournament on January 12th in their tournament attire.
  • Team Apparel – Each season, team captains design apparel for our team to wear, to show our pride in the team. This is optional to purchase, but the cost goes down the more we purchase. The cost varies, but would not exceed $50.
  • Entry Fees for National Tournaments – Due to the increased cost of entry fees associated with National tournaments, such as NSDA Districts (aka Nat Quals), NIETOC, Harvard, etc., we will ask students to cover their entry fees. The activities fee covers entry fees for all local tournaments in Minnesota that are not affiliated with a National circuit. Typical entry fees that are covered fall in the $7-$14 range. National-level tournaments typically see fees in the $65-$95 range per entry.
  • Travel to an In-Person Tournament Requiring Overnight Stays – Should a student compete in an in-person tournament hosted in a city that requires travel with an overnight stay, they would also be responsible for costs associated with transportation, lodging, and food. These types of tournaments would also require at least one coach, and possibly one or more judges travel with students. A judge typically covers up to 6 entries. Students would also be responsible for the coaches’, and judges’ travel and lodging (but not food). Note that a coach may also judge to help keep costs down, but that a coach is required on every overnight trip. Additionally, if that travel is via bus, students would also be required to cover the cost of lodging (not food) for the bus driver.