Earning Letter Points

Students participating in the Westonka Speech Team will accumulate points toward earning their Letter. Students must accumulate 50 points, and attend any required tournaments that season to earn their Letter. Points are gained a number of different ways, such as competing at tournaments, meeting preparation goals, etc. For a full list of criteria to earn Letter Points, refer to the Lettering Guidelines.

Transferring Points

Letter points will transfer to the next subsequent season in one of two ways:

  1. Students who earn more than 50 points, will have half their remaining points transferred to the next season.
  2. Students who earn less than 50 points, will have all points earned this season transferred to the next season.

Tracking Points

Letter points will be tracked throughout the season by coach Jones and progress viewed in the Westonka Speech mobile app. Students may ask at any point in the season for their current balance and progress toward their Letter. A final determination of who letters will be made at the end of the season by all coaches based on points accumulated, as well as additional exceptions explained below. 

Letter Exceptions

In addition to the criteria above, coaches may make exceptions in awarding or denying a letter based on the following:

  • Students who do not earn 50 points, but have shown true commitment to the team for three years may letter.
  • Coaches reserve the right to present letter awards to exceptional students for showing performance and commitment that prove to be above and beyond expectations, even if they have not yet earned 50 points.
  • Students showing poor conduct or disrespect at any time may forfeit their Letter.
  • Any student who is found in violation of any Westonka School District, or Minnesota State High School League regulations may forfeit their Letter.
  • Students who do not attend any required tournaments, either as a competitor or observer, will not earn their Letter that season. The only exception to this forfeiture, is if a student has an excused absence by a coach, and cannot attend (e.g. illness or unexpected family emergency).
    • The Wright County Conference is the only required tournament for students in the 2021-22 season.
  • Students will be deducted Letter Points for any of the following reasons:
    • A student will lose the same number of points they would have earned for a tournament appearance and award at that tournament if they drop out of the tournament they previously RSVP’d to within 4 days prior to the tournament. Exceptions may be granted in situations such as the student becoming sick; or the student having a family crisis that prevents them from attending the tournament unexpectedly.
    • A student will lose 2 Letter Points each week that they fail to practice with a coach. Students who are unable to attend their regularly scheduled practice with their coach must reschedule within that week to avoid this deduction. A coach may waive practice, and instead have the student fulfill their practice obligation in different ways (video a practice and mail to the coach, practice with a captain, etc).