The core value of the Westonka Speech Team can be summed up in a single word: respect. Speakers must respect their school, team mates, coaches, competition, and themselves. While at school, competing in tournaments, during practice, or on the bus, students are still representatives of the Westonka School District, and as such, must abide by all school policies. We take seriously any and all violations of school policies, including, but not limited to: hazing, bullying, violence, threats, gambling, and chemical abuse. In consultation with school officials, coaches will withhold students from participating in practices and tournaments should such violations occur.

Simply put: have respect for one another, and our school policies.

Academic Ineligibility

Students on the Westonka Speech Team must maintain passing grades in all classes. This is an extracurricular activity, and students should remember that their grades come first. After each quarter’s grades have been finalized, should a student have a failing grade in any class, they will be ineligible to compete in the next 2 tournaments.