We normally require students ride the bus or van when that transportation is provided by the school either to and/or from in-person tournaments. A student or parent may request to self-transport from a particular tournament. This may include students driving themselves, students driving other students, parents picking students up or dropping them off, etc.

Keep in mind these important team policies:

  1. All students competing at a tournament MUST be at a tournament in time for their warm-ups. This is typically 1 hour before draws begin. This is also earlier than when judges are required to be there. So if a parent is judging, and wants to bring their student, they MUST be there at the same time as the bus drops us off.
  2. All students competing at a tournament MUST stay for awards. This is later than when judges are free to go. This means if a parent is judging, and wants to transport their student home after a tournament, they cannot leave until the entire team leaves. We always stay for awards, even if no one on the team wins an award. This is a sign of respect for our competition, and we don’t want to be branded as the team of students who are unprofessional competitors.

In order for coaching staff to keep track of special requests to self-transport, as well as shift liability for injuries/damages/deaths from the school, we require a pre-approved waiver. That waiver MUST signed by their parent(s) or guardian(s) on file with the coaching staff. The signed waiver must be received by the coaching staff no later than 3 pm the day before the tournament. There are only two exceptions to this:

  1. If a student misses the bus in the morning, and has to unexpectedly transport themselves to school in the morning. We still will require the waiver, but it may be handed in at the tournament when the student arrives.
  2. If the team does not provide transportation to a tournament, but asks for all students competing to be self-transported. This would occur for tournaments that are under 35 miles round trip from MWHS. In these situations, the waiver would not be required at all.

Coaches and/or district administration have the right to deny special requests to transport. Coaches and/or district administration reserve the right to punish students for infractions of this waiver policy, including, but not limited to, suspension from future tournaments, reduction in earned letter points, removal of earned letter, demotion of a captain (if applicable), or removal from the team.

Use the link below to access the waiver form:

Waiver/Permission to Transport Student